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Whether you're an avid outdoors lover, complete novice, or somewhere in between, the Outdoor Recreation Center (ODR) is the place to be. We offer guided trips, adventure programs, training, winter and summer recreational items at affordable prices, and services for every outdoor enthusiast! 

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Have questions? We are here to help!

For more information on our services, to schedule an appointment or to register in any of our adventure programs, please call +1(907)873-4058.

Equipment Rental

The Outdoor Recreation Center makes it possible to experience the great arctic north without breaking the bank. We have a full line of summer and winter recreational gear to get you out and ready to go. 

Please make an appointment to come and see what we have to offer! ODR's staff will set you up with the appropriate equipment and provide any additional assistance needed.

For additional rental rates, please contact the Outdoor Recreation Center at +1(907)873-4058.

Winter Equipment Rates - Per day

Snow Machines Military Rate Civilian Rate

Skidoo Renegade 550F

$109 $140

Summit 600 154”

$130 $175
Skidoo Scandic 550F $135 $155

*Snow machine rentals require a training course available at Outdoor Recreation.

Accessories Rate


Snow Equipment Rate

4’ Snow Machine Siglin Sled


8’ Snow Machine Siglin Sled

Skidoo Scandic 550F $135
Trailers / Car / Truck Hauler Rate

6’X12’ Enclosed Trailer

  • Weight: 5,105 lbs
  • *Requires 2” Ball ($10 rent fee)

26’ Long V Nose Enclosed Trailer

  • Weight: 10,000 lbs

  • *Requires 2-5/16 Ball ($10 rent fee)


 2 Place Non Tilt

  • Holds up to 1,790 lbs
  • Requires 2” Ball ($10 rent fee)

20’ 4 Place

  • Holds up to 3,225 lbs
  • *Requires 2-5/16’ Ball ($10 rent fee)

20’ Car/Truck Hauler

  • Includes Dove Tail with ramps and 12,000 lbs warn winch.
  • Holds up to 14,000
  • *Requires 2-5/16” Ball ($10 rent fee)

Please contact your Insurance Company to make sure you have coverage incase ODR property is damaged.

Portable Ice House Military Rate Civilian Rate

6.5’X10’ Grandpas Hideout Ice Fish House

Ice House Only

$40 $45

Ice House Package

  • Includes: 4 Poles, Ice Auger, and Generator
$60 $65

*No bait or tackle is included.

Guided Adventure Program, Scenic Wildlife Tours and Trips

Stay busy all summer and winter with programs presented through ODR. Cross- country skiing, snow machining, fly fishing, hiking, backpacking, freshwater and deep-sea fishing, float trips, and geocaching are a few of the many activities and trips offered through ODR. With locations such as Denali State Park, Anchorage, some of the best Alaska's glaciers locations, and many more, ODR trips take adventures to new levels. You will love being able to give your full attention to the Alaskan Outdoors while ODR staff take care of all the details.

Get your adrenaline pumping and stay active by joining the ODR Adventure Program!

Safety Courses (ATV, Side by Side and Snowmachine Certifications)

A large part of adventuring in Alaska's great outdoors is having fun, but it all starts with being safe. The Outdoor Recreation Center offers safety courses for ATV-SxS use and snow machining.

To participate in any ATV trips, or to check-out a snowmachine, you must be certified. Once you have finished watching the video portion included below, complete The ATV-Side by Side (SxS) Safety Rider hands-on Course at the Outdoor Recreation Center to obtain your certification. 

Make your Group! 

  • Are you interested in a custom itinerary for your ATV-SxS Safety Rider Course?
    We can work with you to make it happen with an alternate day that suits your needs. Available upon request.
  • Please call +1(907)873-4600 for details.

ATV Certification

  1. Take the ATV Safety e-Course 
  2. Schedule an appointment with the Fort Greely Outdoor Recreation Center for the ATV-SxS Safety Rider Course
    • When: Every other Wednesday at 5 p.m.
    • Location: Outdoor Recreation, Bldg. 627
    • Time: 5 p.m.
  3. Obtain ATV Safety Card

Side by Side (SxS) Certification

  1. Take the SxS Safety e-course
  2. Schedule an appointment with the Fort Greely Outdoor Recreation Center for the ATV-SxS Safety Rider Course
    • When: Every other Thursday 
    • Location: Outdoor Recreation, Bldg. 627
    • Time: 5 p.m.
  3. Obtain ATV Safety Card

Snowmachine Safety Certification

  • Patrons must attend the Snowmachine Safety Course in-person at the Outdoor Recreation Center. Courses are held regularly throughout the winter months. Please contact Outdoor Recreation for a complete list of upcoming Snowmachine Safety Course dates.

A secure storage area is offered for the safe-keeping of trailers, campers, boats and other off-road vehicles on a year-round basis. Contact the Outdoor Recreation Center for rates.

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