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Private Organizations

As defined by AR 210-22, a Private Organization (PO) is a self-sustaining, non-federal entity constituted or established and operated by individuals acting outside any official capacity as officers, employees, or agents of the Federal Government or its instrumentalities.

Want to set up a Private Organization on post?

To be recognized as a USAG Alaska private organization, you must submit the following private organization packet. To maintain your status as a USAG Alaska private organization, you are required to submit copies of your records every year and renew your status every two years.

After completing your private organization packet, you may submit it to the FMWR Private Organization Advisor, Monday-Friday, 0800 – 1700 (except for federal holidays and weekends) located in the Murphy Hall Bldg 1045 Gaffney Road, 2nd floor, Ladd Suite, Fort Wainwright. For more information, please call 907-353-7615.

Supporting Documentation:

  • AR 210-22 - regulates what a private organization can and cannot do at USAG Alaska.
Private Organizations Application Checklist

Please include the following in your packet:

  • Written request to operate as Private Organization
  • Constitution, by-laws, and articles of agreement that include:
    • Organization Name and Purpose
    • Statement of the organization's nature, objectives, and activities, operating procedures
    • Explanation of membership eligibility and responsibilities for all management functions
    • Officers and Governing Body (attach names, with addresses and phone numbers)
    • Duty of Officers
    • Elections and Voting
    • Standing Committees
    • Funding Sources
    • Taxes (Proof of tax status attached)
    • Insurance Coverage (Proof of liability Insurance or request for waiver of requirement attached)
    • Meetings and Quorums
    • Dissolution
  • A statement that neither the installation nor the Government will have any liability for the PO’s actions or debts
  • A statement that the installation commander may revoke permission to operate at any time
  • A statement of the agreement to reimburse the Army for utility expenses, unless the use is incidental
  • A statement that the PO will neither propagate extremist activities nor advocate violence against other or violent overthrow of the Government
  • A statement that PO activities will not seek to deprive individuals of their civil rights
  • Proof of Fidelity Bonding (if cash flow exceeds $500 per month)

Your packet must be approved before receiving your operating permit. The entire application process takes approximately 3-4 weeks, so plan accordingly.